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Rythmz : music, more than a passion, a vocation!

Here we go to discover a little about the life and carrier of the boys band Rythmz, recently nominated at the Afrima awards in Nigeria ; they answer some of our questions and also talk to us about their recent single "Tobassi" released few weeks ago.
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10/14/2017 - 13:52
Christine MBENGONO
rédactrice Cameroun-online

Cameroun-online : Can you please present yourself ?

Rythmz : I go by the name Fogap Etienne Nkeng Aka Kmasterk an artist and sound engineer and i go by the name Diyani Bill Munyenge Aka Phillbill an artist and music producer and together we form the band Rythmz

COL :  Since when are you in music ? And what caused you to choose it as your major profession?

R : We've been in music for 10years now since 2008. We choosed music as our major profession because we love music and we believed it was a vocation, a call cos music is the only thing that makes us feel happy when doing it and also seen how our music impacts people's lives gives us the zeal to consider it as a major profession.

COL : Can you enumerate to us some of your major hits up to date and add to that a little comment about how inspiration and the conditions that let to those songs.

R : Yea we've had hit singles like in 2009 we had "Honeymoon" which was a major hit in Cameroon mostly in the English speaking part, parts of Nigeria Ghana and was also used in some of their Nollywood movies

Then later Dancia ft Xmaleya in 2015 which was also a major hit in Cameroon  from there we had Me and You, Madame Tout Le Monde ft Mr.Leo 2016 which was also massive . Boboloh 3months ago and now Tobassi which is trending now. All these songs generates from our day to day experiences in our societies. Love, Hate, Hussle and Greed.

COL :  There is a huge debate recently about Playback and Live among Cameroonian Artists,  our question is, Can you perform live ? Or/and what do you thing about this debate?

 R : Yea about the debate on live performance. We think live performance has a vital role to play in an artist life. Rythmz do perform live. Trust me we love performing live than even playback. A true artist must be a live performer. People do hear your songs on radios watch you on Tv so what they expect from you on your concert is to watch you perform live, that is expecting something different from you the artist.

COL : You recently signed with the music label Empire Company were major artists such  Pit Baccardi and Magasco are, How did this come about ?

R : Like we said Rythmz has been in the game for a long time now. So after a couple of releases. Empire decided to sight us out in Boboloh. The boss who is Pit Baccardi heared our song in a snack which was been played by Dj. Cyrus Black in Douala. Then he demanded for the song and Cyrus black told him its a song by Rythmz and from there Pit Baccardi contacted us and got us signed.

COL : Can you say more about your recent song "Tobassi" what are you expressing in this song?

R : "Tobassi" first of all means charm. Its a love song that expresses a feeling of a lover to her woman on how her astonishing beauty has taken him away like "jazz" being used on him. And he's ready to get married to her in any means. He expresses himself to the lady that his feelings are not just mere infatuation but True Love.

COL :  How do you feel about the Cameroon music industry today? Are you also for the fact that Cameroon yet have a musical industry?

R : The Cameroon Music Industry is fast growing and to the look at things it will be one of the biggest if only we put our heads and hands together in Peace Love And Unity and also Big companies like MTN Orange Camtel Guiness Brasseries Nextel and also the Ministry of culture come in and power finance and proper organisation in the Music Industry.

With all these trust me we all are going to take the Music industry to another level.

COL : Who are some of the Cameroonian and international artists you will like to work with?

R : We'll love to work with any talented hardworking and dedicated artist be it established or unestablished.

COL :  Your top 5 of Cameroonian artists.

R :  Richard Bona, Henry Dikongue, Pit Baccardi Charlotte Dipanda and Tenor.

COL :  Apart from music what else do you do in your daily life ?

R : Sports, love Football, Dancing, Drawing and painting

COL : There are numerous beautiful fans out there wanting to know if you are married or in a love relationship.

R : We are single.

COL :  Your last word to the public.

R : Do your best in anything you do and remember no man is your God. Pray have faith and believe. Drink responsibly and stay safe let Love and Peace be your motto.

By ©Landry Brookes MOUAFO.